Supervising activity is mostly carried out in the framework of contracts, where the contracting authority is the state, namely the Ministry of Finance. It is an independent and an unbiased control of the realization of specific task, done by an individual or legal entity, selected by a tender. This person must be qualified and have sufficient experience in the specific field.

Supervision mainly examines efficiency of financial funds, compliance with the project documentation and with the relevant adjudgment of government authorities.

The main criterion for evaluating time, financial and material aspects of the task is the approved project documentation of a remediation - compliance of technical parameters, technology inputs and outputs, fulfillment of the remediation sub-goals, in relation to the work schedule and the amount of financial funds spent.

Assessment of the project documentation of remediation must include an assessment of the completeness and accuracy of the primary data for the proposal of remediation measures and assessment of the overall remediation process in relation to the desired target parameters. Within supervision it also must be checked that there is no change compared to the approved project subcontractors.

The outcome of supervision are written reports, which are submitted to all interested parties.

Company´s specialists have the necessary experience in their fields and many years of experience in performing supervisory activities.